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Learning @ Ally's

Our Kindergarten Room

At Ally’s Kindy in Ipswich, we are definitely embracing the  Government’s commitment to all children in the year prior to Prep. Our Kindergarten Program is run by a qualified Early Childhood Teacher who has been teaching for over 10 years. Our lovely Miss Leeanne’s program is based on the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines. 

Our program has been developed to prepare your child for a strong start to their primary school years. Our educators aim to mix both child-led and teacher-led activities.

Grounded in the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines, our Kindy program includes teaching your child literacy and numeracy skills, recognition skills, communications skill, just to name a few.


Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines

Ally’s Kindy has always believed in the quality of providing the 4-5 year age group with a qualified four year trained early childhood teacher.  We supply our children with a teacher who has a Bachelor of Education in early childhood.  We are definitely embracing the Government’s commitment to all children in the year prior to Prep having access to programs run by a qualified teacher.

The Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines are based on the Early Years Learning Framework, helps teachers to develop quality learning programs for children in the Kindergarten year (the year prior to Prep).  It also helps centres meet the National Quality Standards for educational programs.

The guideline builds connections between a child already knows or can do and their learning at Kindergarten and future learning in Prep.  For further information visit the Queensland Studies Authority website and see the attached leaflet.


What's Provided For Your Child in our Kindergarten Room

Our centre is beautifully designed with plenty of space inside and outside to that your child can develop their creativity, individuality and imagination. Our toys and play equipment enable children to build life long skills and confidence. 

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Environmental Classroom
Large Outdoor Play Area
Ally's Kitchen

Transitioning to Prep

The Centre provides a transition statement that is created to build and share an accurate picture of the child’s learning.  This involves educators, families and the child to plan focused discussion on the child’s learning.  A copy of the transitional statement is given to families to pass onto the school.

The transition statement summarises a child’s learning, recognising that children’s learning is fluid, particularly as they transition to a new setting, and that each learning and development area describes a range of key focuses and significant learnings.


What to Expect

We provide orientation sessions to ensure the best experience for you and your child on their first day.

We provide a checklist to help you pack for you child for the day.


The Owna App keeps you connected to your baby while they attend day care with daily updates.


Our friendly and nurturing educators  will ensure you and your child feel right at home.

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Make us your partner during this exciting chapter in your child’s life. Talk to us to learn more about our innovated approach or pay us a visit and experience it for yourself.

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