Our First Adopted Orangutan   


Sex: Female, Approximate Date of Birth: August 2010, Arrival Date: 13 August 2011,

Care Centre: Batu Mbelin Quarantine Centre, SUMATRA


Seroja Photos



Seroja has been chosen to be moved to the Jantho Release Site to embark on the final stage of her journey to forest freedom in 2018!

We are thrilled that we have made a difference by enabling a threatened species return to health and the wild that we have decided to adopt another Orangutan. Check out our new adopted Orangutan, Citrawan and her story!


Seroja was confiscated from a Military Officer in Kutacane, South-East Aceh in August 2011 by the Ministry of Forestry.  Her owner said that he bought Seroja from a villager who took her from the forest around South-East Aceh amidst the devastating destruction of the rain forest.  Seroja has a scare on her lip quiet possibly from her illegal capture where her mother was most likely killed.  Seroja was very weak, dirty and inactive when she was confiscated.  She is now housed at the Batu Mbelin Quarantine Centre and is much healthier and has an excellent appetite.

After recieving medication and intesive care upon arriving at Batu Mbelin, Seroja is now a healthy orangutan.  Her appetite is excellent and she eats a variety of foods.  Her weight increased from 1.3kg to 8kg in one year.

Seroja was scared of the other orangutans at first and also did not do anything by herself- she would wait for a technician to help her.  However she has now become more self sufficient and plays with the other orangutans.  Seroja has become fast friends with a young male named Septian and they play and feed together.  Seroja is becoming more confident and has developed new skills.  She will pile up leaves to use as a nest and will sometimes sleep in the hammock with Septian.  



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