Parents – Part of the Ally’s Kindy Family

Ally’s Kindy believes in the importance of parental involvement at our childcare centre. We highly encourage you to participate in the daily life of your child at whatever level is appropriate to your current circumstances. We appreciate that time is precious to working parents, but we also believe that your involvement in your child’s education can really make a difference.

How to Get Involved

Our staff and educators invite you to become an active part of the Ally’s Kindy community. Here are some ways you can offer support and also be involved in your child’s day.

  • Spend some time with your child at the childcare centre. If you have a day off, why not join us for lunch?
  • Help staff to develop interests for the children by sharing ideas and/or resources.
  • Act as volunteers in the classroom or playground.
  • Attend social and fundraising events for the school.
  • Collect scrap materials for children to use in creative pursuits.

Better Communication with Educators

Parent-teacher communication often occurs rather quickly and while we’re on the run. Both parents and teachers are busy sometimes we only chat on an informal level, as parents drop off and pick up children.

Both families and educators need to be aware of the importance of passing on information which helps both parties better anticipate the child’s behaviour. Make sure you take the time to tell our educators about anything we might need to know. Is your child having nightmares? Did they have a bad night? This will also give our educators the opportunity to inform you on your child’s behaviour and habits in the classroom.

If families need to have longer talks with educators, it is important to make an appointment outside of session times rather than take the educator’s attention away from the children.

Get in Touch with Our Director

The Director of the childcare centre, Donna, strives to increase parent involvement. She spends a lot of time working with children and educators, as well as on administrative matters. She is available at any time to come and talk to you. Just phone during the day to arrange a meeting.

For more information on parent involvement, don’t hesitate to drop into Ally’s Kindy or give us a call today.