Pre Kindy: Learning Groups 3 years to 5 years

Your Educators: Miss Fleur and  Monica

We want your children to get the most from child care and to grow up as happy, caring and independent individuals. At Ally’s Kindy in Ipswich, our primary objective during pre-kindy is to build your child’s self-confidence and self-esteem to prepare them for a kindergarten program.

In order for children to develop and grow, they need to feel good about themselves and feel confident enough to attempt and experience new and different situations. Educational objectives can only be fulfilled when a child feels happy and secure while at the centre.

Your Child Will Be Encourage to Reach Their Full Potential

Every child is an individual and our early child care educators will guide your child with that in mind. Each child deserves the opportunity to fulfil their own needs and reach their full potential. During our Pre-Kindy program, we will offer support and encouragement so learning is made fun and interesting to children.

We Support and Encourage Diversity

We invite diversity of culture and customs within our centre and ask for this information from families to extend our programs. The early child care educator’s role is one of a guide and a facilitator. We are here to reinforce what the child is already doing and help to give it meaning. Our job is to support the individual child as they try and attempt new things and learn new ideas.

You Can Get Involved, Too

Parent participation and involvement are vital. We view child care as a partnership and aim to foster a close rapport with both you and your child. This works best when parents and educators communicate their expectations positively, negotiate a shared focus for learning, and collaboratively plan for your child’s development.

A daily program and daily information sheet is completed each day in the Pre-Kindy rooms and will be displayed on a clipboard for families to read. This is located on top of the lockers along with your child’s journals.

Contact us today to find out more about our pre-kindy program or enquire about our kindergarten and other day care facilities.