Fees and Hours of Operation

As Current 1st July 2019

Enrolment fee: $30.00 per child

Session Under 3 (Nursery+ Toddler)  Over 3 (Pre-Kindy+ Kindergarten)
12 hour  $108.00  $104.00
10/9 hour  $105.00  $101.00

School Care

 Before School Care  After School Care  Vacation Care
 $22.00  $32.00  $77.00

Ally’s Kindy Clothing

 Hat  $8.00

Booking Fees

A booking fee of $30 is payable when your booking is confirmed.  As we run our fees on a weekly in advance basis, on commencement, you will be paying one in advance. If we are able to approximate what your weekly fee will be (less Childcare Subsidy) you will only need to pay this reduced amount. Fees are then payable weekly by the Success Debt Direct Debit payment system or Fortnightly Directly from any Centrelink benefit via Centrepay. If you are paid your salary on a fortnightly or monthly basis, it is your responsibility to ensure your funds are sufficient to cover your payments.

Due to pressure on places at the Centre, families whose direct debit payments are declined for two consecutive payments without prior and reasonable explanations will, upon warning, lose their place to one of the children on the waiting list.

In very special circumstances, Special Childcare Subsidy is available from the Families Assistance Office for those families experiencing extreme financial difficulties. Application for this benefit is made by the Centre and is at the discretion of the Families Assistance Office.

Please also note that the CCS application must be re-submitted EVERY year.

A holiday discount of 50% of your gap fee is offered to two normal weeks of each financial year.  This is conditional of your account being paid upto date and written notice of 2 weeks being provided to the centre of impending holidays. All holidays must be in writing (handwritten or emailed) and be in week blocks (not singular days). 

Any extra casual day wanted must be in writing (emailed or handwritten) and submitted to the administration of Ally’s Kindy. This is a requirement of the New ChildCare Subsidy.

Hours of Operation

6.30am to 6.30 pm Monday to Friday.

Funded Kindergarten Program

Ally’s Kindy is an approved kindergarten program provider under the Queensland Kingergarten Funding Scheme. If you provide the Centre with a copy of your current Health Care Card you may be eligible for a rebate on your fees.  Visit www.earlychildhood.qld.gov.au/earlychildhood.html. for more info.


Kindergarten Program Statement of fees