Our Second Adopted Orangutan


Sex: Female, Approximate Date of Birth: November 2014, Arrival Date: February 2018.

Care centre: Bukit Tigapuluh Sumatran Orangutan Release Centre.



Little Citrawan was confiscated with another infant female orangutan named Bobina in Malaysia by police in 2015. They were smuggled from Medan, Sumatra, inside a bag. Citrawan was only 11 months old when she was rescued. Citrawan and Bobina were transferred to the Sumatran Orangutang Quaratine Centre (SOCP) in Medan in October 2015 to undergo a quarantine period and enter their care program for orphaned orangutans. Once they finished their quarantine, Citrawan and Bobina joined other young orangutans at the centre however they remained almost inseparable due to the close bond they had already formed.

Citrawan spent the next two and a half years at the SOCP centre. Here she was given excellent care and provided with nutritious food and enrichment to keep her mentally and physically active. Citrawan was transferred to the Bukit Tigapuluh (BTP) Danau Alo Sanctuary to commence forest school with five other orangutans including her best friend Bobina in February 2018. Citrawan is the youngest and smallest orangutan at the BTP forest rehabilitation program and other orangutans are all caring and protective of her. She is very skilled at obtaining the food out of various enrichment puzzles, especially leaf parcels.

Citrawan is now regularly heading out to forest school and made excellent progress after only a few outings. Despite being quite scared at first, she soon followed an orangutan named Upin climbing and foraging high in the canopy. Citrawan appears to be very smart and a fast learner which should put her in a strong position during her rehabilitation journey.