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Positive Toileting

Little boy sitting on potty, wearing big glasses and holding newspaper

Toilet training is an experience that all families go through. Some families seem to have their children trained overnight. Others take longer. It can be a frustrating time between parent and child. So how can toilet training become a positive experience?

Healthy Food Habits and Children




Teaching children healthy habits especially when it comes to food, can be for some parents a difficult task. Every day you might plead with your child in efforts to get nutritious food into their bodies with statements like “pleeeeease just try your peas” or “come on just three more bites and you can leave the table”. Teaching healthy habits about food to children may seem to be a failing fight. Like any learning, it’s a journey and takes time, so we need to be patient. After all we don’t expect children to learn to read overnight, so why do we expect them to be confident and able eaters in a flash?

Early Years Count


Mother watching baby playing with ball

In the first thousand days in a child’s life, a lasting impact on brain development is made through experiences with parents, family and the world around them. A child’s brain is a powerhouse of activity from before birth to their second birthday; taking in sensations, sounds and social cues to name a few.

Getting Children Out into Nature

Two happy girls lying on grass outside with their legs in the air

Getting Children Out into Nature

It can be so easy to make excuses and stay indoors. Being too windy, too wet, too cold, too hot, or not having enough time are all very common reasons. Our backyards are getting smaller and so is our children’s desire to explore.

Healthy Eating and Children

Close up of holding fresh strawberry in their hands

Healthy Eating and Children

In a world where junk food advertising is constantly aimed at children, it can be difficult to expect children to eat healthy foods. We are also becoming more time poor as a society, making it easier to reach for processed foods or order takeaway.

Teaching Kids Responsibility

Close up of a young boy holding a puppy in front of him

Teaching Kids Responsibility

The term responsibility carries many connotations. Often, it can be seen as a term reserved for teenagers and adulthood. However, if you expect your child to grow into a responsible person, then it’s important to build these skills early on through parenting at home, day care facilities and kindergarten programs.