Jeans for Genes Day 2018

Friday the 3rd of August Ally’s Kindy participated in Jeans for Genes Day, raising funds and awareness for research into birth defects and Genetic Diseases. This is a cause close to many of our Educators hearts.

The event started off with 3 of our Educators; Miss Fleur, Monica and Kylie completing the ‘Hands Free Jeans Challenge’. This challenge is all about putting a pair of jeans on without using your hands. All of our Educators did really well in attempting to get the jeans on without their hands and put on a great show.

Later on the children all had a chance at trying to put the Educators jeans on without their hands and with a little help from our Educators successfully did so! Well done to everyone who gave this challenge a go!

We drew our raffle and announced winners for 2018.

After the event finished, the children got to participate in various outdoor games and play.

Thank you to everyone who donated money and brought raffle tickets. We are very proud to announce that we have raised over $300.00 to this worthy cause.