Learning for life through Play!

outdoor play


It is no surprise that children love being physically active. They enjoy running, jumping and usually if a child’s not spontaneously active they are unwell.  Did you know that being active improves children’s health and their education?

There has been heaps of research conducted with this topic and conclusions suggest that physical activity and cognitive alertness are intrinsically intertwined.

Being physically active, children show increased learning and behavioural capabilities, through improved alertness and attention management. Putting focus on life skills is just as beneficial as education. For example, motor skills that constitute fundamentals of life skills,  tend to be under challenge today due to sedentary lifestyles or placing higher value on knowledge.

Being in the playground  stimulates these valuable life skills, as children learn to communicate, coordinate, be tolerant and manage conflicts. It has been stated that Teachers have seen a decline in emotional intelligence in many children today which include an understanding of nature and social interaction. Again, this could remedied by active outdoor play and lots of it.

By increasing free play time, children are stimulated by their own interests. Having lots of outdoor play;  playing in the mud or garden, gives an understanding and appreciation for nature. Having additional play ground play helps develop emotional intelligence- to communicate and handle conflicts.

Lets not just focus on knowledge and education. We need to focus on skills that will  our children throughout their life. Lets help our children to be healthy and active: physically, socially and emotionally.