Early Years Count


Mother watching baby playing with ball

In the first thousand days in a child’s life, a lasting impact on brain development is made through experiences with parents, family and the world around them. A child’s brain is a powerhouse of activity from before birth to their second birthday; taking in sensations, sounds and social cues to name a few.

With each new experience a child is exposed to, their brain cells make neural connections, known as synapses. Synapses become “hardwired” as they are stimulated over and over by environmental experiences, laying the foundations for future knowledge and skills development. They must be strong to support further growth in later years.

During this time, building strong and supportive relationships with your child can have a lasting impact on their well being and positive impact on lifelong learning potential.

Luckily every moment you share with your childĀ  will help their brain to develop. A smile, cuddle or conversation. Every moment with you builds fundamental blocks.

By responding to, playing with and interacting with your child from day one, you are supporting early brain development and stimulating learning and memory circuits.

Different activities and experiences at each stage of a child’s development unlock new developmental opportunities as a result of chemicals released in the brain.

Close relationships and time spent with parents, family members and significant others are all early learning opportunities.

When your baby sees you smile, the brain releases chemicals in their body that make them feel safe and stimulate brain development.

Reacting to your baby’s babble, mimicking their sounds and actions and talking to them helps them to feel safe and loved. Doing this also helps them to learn the sounds of language and understand two way communication, building the foundations for language development.

By the time your child has reached the age of 3, their brain has around 1000 trillion brain connections (synapses). Moving forward onto 5 years of age a child’s brain development is built upon the now solid foundation created in those first 5 years.

Moments with you count