Getting Children Out into Nature

Two happy girls lying on grass outside with their legs in the air

Getting Children Out into Nature

It can be so easy to make excuses and stay indoors. Being too windy, too wet, too cold, too hot, or not having enough time are all very common reasons. Our backyards are getting smaller and so is our children’s desire to explore.

It doesn’t have to be this way, though. If you knew the benefits of getting out into nature, you would be more inclined to make the effort to get out amongst it, for both you and your child’s sake! It’s also important to ensure your child’s day care facility is fully equipped for the outdoors!

What Are the Benefits of Getting Outdoors?

It is well known that getting outside is good for children, but just how beneficial is it? You’ll marvel at how important it is to their physical and mental health!

  • Getting outside is confidence building: Children that play outside are more likely to have higher levels of self-esteem and resilience. Why? Because when children play without boundaries and structure they are a lot more likely to take risks and try something new. This transfers to their learning, resulting in children who are a lot more willing to learn from their mistakes rather than not try at all.
  • Getting outside sparks creativity: Indoor toys can be mostly one-dimensional but take a child outside and they are free to interact with the environment however they like. They can build forts, imagine worlds in the sandpit and create their own ball games. This creativity can help them be inventive and creative in the classroom too.
  • Getting outside helps literacy and numeracy skills: Some of the benefits of getting your body moving are obvious, but movement is also essential for children developing hand-eye coordination, gross motor skills and fine motor skills. Sensory play such as playing in the sand pit or digging in the dirt stimulates the senses essential to learning while picking up ladybugs is great for the fine motor skills needed to hold a pencil correctly!
  • Getting outside is calming: This goes for you and your children. Getting outside and can be a de-stressing experience for everyone. Without the distractions of a messy home and screens begging for everyone’s attention, you can truly relax and be involved with your children. Eat a pretend mud cake or don your boots and splash in puddles. You will feel great and so will the kids.

What about When My Child Is at Day Care?

If you are worried about your child being stuck indoors while at day care, ensure you choose a care provider who believes in the importance of getting outdoors as much as you do.

At Ally’s Kindy, we integrate outdoor experiences into our daily routine. Children are provided with a large grassy play area and a bike track where they can run and explore. The outdoor possibilities are endless at Ally’s Kindy. Contact us today to find out more.