Healthy Eating and Children

Close up of holding fresh strawberry in their hands

Healthy Eating and Children

In a world where junk food advertising is constantly aimed at children, it can be difficult to expect children to eat healthy foods. We are also becoming more time poor as a society, making it easier to reach for processed foods or order takeaway.

While these things are fine ‘sometimes’, they can be detrimental to children’s physical and mental health. It can also have a huge impact on their eating habits as an adult.

I Want My Child to Eat Healthy but I Don’t Know Where to Start!

If your child has become accustomed to certain foods and you would like to increase the variety of foods they eat, it’s important to remember that you are the parent and you have control over food placed in front of them. Make eating and trying new things an enjoyable and fun process, rather than forcing them to eat their greens.

How Can I Make Eating Healthy Food Fun?

If it’s a chore for you, it’ll be a chore for them – so make sure you don’t turn vegetables and the entire mealtime experience into a negative one. Always offer vegetables on your child’s plate and encourage them to try them even if they haven’t liked them in the past. Make vegetables fun by:

  • Letting the kids help: Let your child slice carrots or chop broccoli. Encourage them to try the foods raw as they work and then encourage them to try it again once it’s cooked.
  • Grow what you eat: Snap peas, cherry tomatoes and various fruits are easy to grow in your garden and can be eaten immediately as a snack. Have your children water their food and watch it grow and they will be more likely to want to eat it.
  • Use healthy food as art: It absolutely doesn’t need to be a masterpiece, but children will love making a funny face on a pizza with cherry tomatoes for the eyes and capsicum for the smile. You can also try special cutters that children can use themselves for things like cucumber or sandwiches. They’ll love even the smallest of efforts that make food look like fun.

What Should I Look for in an Education Centre?

When your children are in the care of someone else, it’s important to have the same high expectations about eating healthy food. All the food at Ally’s Kindy Education Centre is prepared in our kitchen. We use fresh, locally grown produce and avoid processed and packaged foods. We provide a variety of fruit and vegetables to children and encourage building healthy habits!

Ally’s Kindy is a warm and nurturing environment in Ipswich where all children can reach their full potential. Contact us today to find out how we can cater for your child and help them to grow into a healthy and confident individual.