Teaching Kids Responsibility

Close up of a young boy holding a puppy in front of him

Teaching Kids Responsibility

The term responsibility carries many connotations. Often, it can be seen as a term reserved for teenagers and adulthood. However, if you expect your child to grow into a responsible person, then it’s important to build these skills early on through parenting at home, day care facilities and kindergarten programs.

Children can be eager to please, and while following instructions is a great and an important skill to have, it is different to being a responsible individual.

Being responsible includes:

  • Having accountability for your actions. It’s important for children to know that if they make the wrong choice they are responsible for the circumstances that may follow on from that choice.
  • Caring for your own belongings and the belongings of others.
  • Being dependable and trustworthy. A responsible school student is one that can be trusted to undertake important roles and jobs.
  • Openness to making mistakes and being able to recognise that everybody makes mistakes.

Not all children will naturally acquire the attributes that come with being a responsible individual. Some will take longer than others and that’s OK! The main thing is that the parents, educators and other adults in a child’s world can teach responsibility by being responsible role models themselves.

How Can You Teach Responsibility?

Teaching responsibility through direct activities and being a good role model is the key to your children being responsible. Here are some things you can try:

  1. Let Your Child Help around the House: It’s pretty tempting to ‘do it all yourself’ when your children are young. They take a lot longer to get the job done and they might seem to be more of a hindrance than a help. However, if your child doesn’t learn to help from a young age, they’ll wonder why they are suddenly expected to chip in as a teenager. Try not to make housework seem like an awful chore, but rather make it fun and give them jobs in bite-sized steps so they don’t feel overwhelmed.
  2. Allow Your Child to Be Independent: Encourage your child to pack their day care bag or prepare themselves for kindy. Perhaps they get to choose their own snacks from a choice you provide, put their shoes on and check things off a list to ensure they have everything they need. All these things will help build your child’s self-esteem, which in turn makes them confident enough to be a responsible person who takes on commitments positively and confidently.
  3. Get a Pet for Your Child: This is a personal choice and will depend on your child’s age and willingness to be responsible for a pet. Pets can allow your children to experience what it’s like to have something depend on them when they are so used to depending on you as a parent. Suddenly, it’s them that need to feed, water and house another living thing. They also need to find time to love, cuddle or walk that pet. It’s a fantastic learning experience for any child to have.

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