The Benefits of Kindergarten

Children playing with wooden train and toy railroad at kindergarten

The Benefits of Kindergarten

Kindergarten is a wonderful stage of learning for children. Emotionally, mentally, socially and physically, they are building valuable foundations for their future learning. Positive, nurturing experiences during this year will benefit your child and in turn, the whole family.

Kindergarten is a transitional year open to all children who are four years of age. While this year of learning is not compulsory, it is highly recommended due to the range of benefits a kindergarten learning program can offer. Children at this age are taking great leaps in their development, and a stimulating, and positive environment will ensure they take these steps with confidence.

Ally’s Kindy has fully qualified and experienced educators, delivering programs meeting The Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines. These are based on the Early Years Learning Framework and designed to ensure your child is given the very best opportunities to grow and learn. Together with you and your child, we will build a learning program that meets your child’s individual needs.

Whether your child has been in care prior to Kindy or not, this year is a time for exploration, investigation, play and relationship building. Pre-reading and numeracy skills can be introduced, as well as the further development of creative thinking and expression. Ally’s Kindy offers a kitchen/garden experience, a pet guinea pig, bike tracks, music and reading programs, and curriculum based creative activities.

Kindergarten is a wonderful opportunity to prepare your child for a more formal learning environment. During this year, children gain confidence with self-monitoring. With practice, they are better able to recognise and articulate their needs. They will become more comfortable with routines, and responsibilities, making the transition to primary school a smoother one.

Strengthen Old Skills and Master New Ones

Kindergarten is a great year for making steps with existing skills and developing new ones. During this year you can expect progress with the following;

  • Healthy eating and drinking practices
  • Rest times
  • Reading
  • Listening and following instructions
  • Regular physical activity
  • Toileting
  • Responsibility for their belongings
  • Beginning to understand the importance of names, times and places
  • Relationship building

Benefits for Parents

Kindergarten is also a great year for parents. As your child embarks on this important year of learning so do you. Keeping contact with educators allows you to see how your child is progressing, what new discoveries they have made and what milestones they have reached. Sometimes these things occur without you there, as your child begins to gain independence. This is a positive step for both of you and one we will celebrate with you.

Children in kindergarten will then bring new materials, ideas and conversations into the home. This can help stimulate parents to seek out activities they may not have considered.

We will provide you with a transitional statement for a clear understanding of your child’s progress along the way. This can then be given to educators at your child’s primary school, so they better understand your child’s individual needs.

In today’s busy world, parents can at times feel isolated or overwhelmed. A high-quality child care service can offer your child and you family the support, resources and connectedness families need. Ally’s Kindy Kindergarten program is proud to be able to offer this service.

To talk to us about enrolling your child in Kindergarten, get in touch.

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