How Often Should your Child Be in Child Care?

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How Often Should your Child Be in Child Care?

Starting you child in day care is a big step, and it is important that you feel confident with your decision. For many parents, this will be the first time they have entrusted their child to the care of another.

At Ally’s Kindy in Ipswich, we welcome all children with love and care. We understand that you may have questions and concerns about this transition and we are here to answer them. One of the most common questions parents have, is how many days is in care is best for my child?

You may decide to enrol your child full or part-time, depending on your personal circumstances. Attendance for at least two days a week, where affordable, is considered most beneficial for children.

Why Two Days a Week is Beneficial

  • Children will gain greater confidence and make stronger connections when attending more than one day. A week is a long time between visits, and children can become disconnected from their new routine during this time.  Spacing two days out, if possible, will help develop a sense of continuity.
  • Two or more days allows our educators to give greater attention to your child’s learning. We can then gain a better understanding of their developmental process.
  • This time frame also allows children to bond with educators and peers. It allows for a variety of experiences and the possibility of relationships with a range of children, families, and carers.
  • Ally’s early child care programs offer children the opportunity to access resources you may not have always at home.  These include:
    • A range of art and craft materials
    • A vegetable garden
    • Playground equipment
    • A bike track and large grassy areas
    • Musical Instruments
    • Balanced, healthy meals prepared by qualified food handlers

Two days or more will better allow you take advantage of these.  A stimulating, safe environment helps children gain motor, cognitive and social skills and discover new talents.

Respite for Parents

Whether you work within or outside the home, two days or more can give you the respite you need from this busy time. Breaking the care cycle can support tired parents, so you can enjoy your time together again as a family.

At Ally’s Kindy, we offer a range of early child care options. Children may attend from as early as 6 weeks through to the Kindergarten program at the age 4.

If you are considering day care for your child, we would be delighted to hear from you.  Contact Ally’s Early Child Care Service at One Mile Ipswich, and we can get started on your enrolment process. We can look at vacancies and confirm times that suit you. You can ask us about costs, child care rebates, and any other concerns or queries you may have. We can then arrange a time for you to visit, and see our fantastic facilities for yourself. We look forward to meeting you. Call us today on (07) 3282 8888.